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Peace Fellowship’s Introduction

Our group is specially established for Christians who are unable to participate in our church’s Sunday worship. It is also for friends who are seeking Christ but are unable to participate in church worship service, Sunday school, or other bible study groups. Additionally, it is for ladies with young children.

We thirst for God’s word. Some members use the only Wednesday off from work to study the bible. After the study, we share what we have learned and we pray.

Each meeting is followed by group luncheon. Upon Chinese holidays, such as Chinese New Year, we also host special Gospel-sharing feasts where members are encouraged to invite friends.

We take care of each other and help the needy. We learn to love each other in Christian living. We are a group for glorifying God by obeying His command to spread the Word and to bring more people to the Kingdom of God.

聯絡人 : 孫愛華 – (321) 506-7797

Peace Group Locations and Contacts

Meeting Place:
2450 Aurora Rd. Melbourne, FL 32935


Sherry Liu              (321) 506-7797

Li-Hsueth Cheng   (321) 292-4125

Meeting time: Wednesdays 10:30 AM