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Joy Fellowship’s Introduction

In MCCMAC, we are the fun Chinese group of South Brevard. Our group consists of adults, youth, and children (age of all kind), and students, professionals, and retirees (walks of all life). We meet every Friday night at 6:30pm Central Baptist Church.

Fellowship time consists of greeting and eating (we love our dinners) for the first 60 minutes or so. We follow with lively song singing, discussions of Bible truth, and prayer for each other. And did I mention we eat? We catch up with each others lives and sorrows and joys. And we eat.

Our numbers have ebbed and flowed over the past three years. We have had the joy of adding to our numbers and the sorrow of those who have moved on due to job transfers, graduation, or other church commitments. So join us for a night or two or stay a while. Come join the fellowship, the food, the fun, and not necessarily in that order! We’re looking forward to meeting YOU!

Joy Group Locations and Contacts

Contact Person: Grace Yeh (609) 240-6061

Subject: New Living, Seeker Class, English bible study group.

2450 Aurora Rd.
Melbourne,FL 32935

Time:Friday 6:30 PM – 900 PM