Church History


Church History

In 1984, seven brothers and sisters in Christ from Florida Institute of Technology (FIT) started the Melbourne Chinese Bible Study Group. Most of the studies were held at the FIT campus or at the neighboring Central Baptist Church. At the beginning most participants were students, but later there were more professionals. After several years, the so called bible study group gradually became an evangelical church.

During the church planting period, the care and support from other churches were numerous. The Gainesville Chinese Christian Church (at that time also a bible study group) sent hymn books. The teaching and love from brother Ding of the Orlando Chinese Church and Pastor Kuo from the West Palm Beach Chinese Church greatly helped our brothers and sisters in spiritual growth.

At that time members of the group moved frequently; Chinese college students continually arrive to study at FIT and leave upon graduation. In spite of the movement, the church kept the evangelical work relentlessly. At the beginning of each Fall Semester, the group actively connected with the new students by attending their needs and helping them to overcome homesickness. Year after year, many new students became Christians and many, after they left, became Christians to serve the Lord.

During the1990s, many Chinese professionals came to live in Brevard County and many Chinese students continue to come to study at FIT. God worked His miracle, when these newcomers heard the “Good News”, they were immediately drawn to God’s love. Every year several were saved and baptized.

The Chinese Christians in Melbourne realized the importance of evangelism; they prayed for a long time to seek God’s direction. In March of 2000, they joined the Christian & Missionary Alliance Church and formed the Melbourne Chinese Christian and Missionary Alliance Church (MCCMAC). In January of 2006, God sent His servants, Rev. and Mrs. Dong, to shepherd His church. After his retirement at the end of 2012, Rev. Dong continues to serve the Lord with brothers and sisters in MCCMAC. In 2015 MCCMAC called Rev. Joshua Luo to become our new pastor. In 2017 Rev. Luo resigned.

Praise the Lord! Give thanks and glory to the Lord! Amen.